Tay Lodge Technologies Ltd.
Tay Lodge's Web A.T. Library is a simple-to-use yet sophisticated web-based solution for assistive technology libraries/loan-banks. Alongside its core library functions, the Web A.T. Library also provides a forum for professional networking and training for its members, typically those involved in the assistive technology field. Web A.T. Library
Tay Lodge's XML Translator is a configurable tool to facilitate the conversion of flat files to XML, and XML to flat files. XML Translator can provide a cost effective way of interfacing with legacy systems - extending the life of valuable business tools. XML Translator is configurable, and driven by XML mapping schemas. It runs on both desktops and servers. XML Translator
KPISys, an XML-based message viewing system, gives fast, intuitive, secure access to your businesses data resources.
Every business depends on its' information management systems. End users want to see targeted data, quickly, regardless of the original data source. Tay Lodge's Message Viewing System ('KPISys') is designed to provide this functionality, in an enterprise environment. KPI Sys