Tay Lodge Technologies Ltd.
KPISys, an XML-based message viewing system, gives fast, intuitive, secure access to your businesses data resources.
Every business depends on its' information management systems. End users want to see targeted data, quickly, regardless of the original data source. Tay Lodge's Message Viewing System ('KPISys') is designed to provide this functionality, in an enterprise environment.
The content of the XML KPISys messages is end-user driven. The messages may be big or small, may contain file or URL attachments, etc..
Each message is made up of many parts. In KPISys terminology, each message contains many 'events'. For example, one could imagine a message relating to one (or many!) overnight processes in an enterprise environment. That message may contain events for 'postings to accounts system', 'invoicing process', etc..
Data Drill Down
KPISys uses the natural advantages of a web application to enhance data analysis with drill-down exploration of data. KPISys message analyses begins by considering some simple top-level message details, sorted by date. Next, one may want to "drill-down" to expose and further analyze the data "underneath" one of the dates, for example, one might want to further review the data for yesterdays ‘Invoicing Job’. At the lowest level the raw data may be reviewed. This could be simple textual information, file attachments, or hypertext links to an intranet/internet resource.
Secure Login
KPISys: Secure Login KPISys uses a configurable security module, which can be plugged into a wide variety of authorisation systems. For example, in a windows domain-based network, KPISys users can log in using their own domain user/password credentials. This gives the domain manager complete control over KPISys, while removing the constraint of have ‘yet another’ username/ password for your users to memorise.
Graphical Status Indicators
KPISys: Success KPISys: Warning KPISys: Error KPISys is aware of the status of events in messages it receives. On summary pages it displays the lowest (worst) event status for all events in a message. On detail pages it displays the status of each event. This allows users to assess their information at-a-glance, only mining deeper into the data where it merits further investigation.
Date Driven Message Selection
Once a user has logged in, KPISys instantly presents a summary screen showing all of today’s messages. In addition, KPISys has a number of ‘quick-click’ message selection options, allowing users to select all messages today, yesterday etc. (as shown in Figure 1) with a single mouse click.
KPISys: Menu
FIGURE 1: ‘Quick-click’ message selection for today, yesterday, etc. …
To complement the ‘quick-click’ date selection options, KPISys allows the user to select messages based on message date. Simply click the calendar icons on the ‘by Date’ page to select the from and to date ranges, click submit and your data will be retrieved in an instant.
In-memory Data Engine:
KPISys uses a state-of-the-art in-memory engine to continuously load message data. There are no untimely delays when a user requests data. As the data is managed in-memory, there are no heavy disk accesses for each data request – meaning faster response times and greater flexibility in the numbers of users served by any particular KPISys server.