Tay Lodge Technologies Ltd.
XML Translator
Tay Lodge's XML Translator is a configurable tool to facilitate the conversion of flat files to XML, and XML to flat files. This tool is configurable, and driven by XML mapping schemas. It runs on both desktops and servers.
  • Facilitates data exchange between XML and non-XML
  • Java based, multi-platform
  • Configurable
  • Extend the life of legacy systems
  • Cost effective
  • Aggregate data from disparate sources
The product is designed to run in a multi-conversion mode, in that it can be configured to cater for the translation of a number of different translations. A running instance is configurable with regard to the following:
  • Iteration time
  • Logging folder
  • Email on error
  • Translation tasks (see below)
Each Translation Task is configurable with regard to the following:
  • Source folder
  • Source File mask
  • Mapping schema file
  • Target folder
  • Target filename mapping
  • Mode (XML→Flat or Flat→XML)
  • Behaviour should target file exist
  • Failures folder
  • Archive folder